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With 30 years experience in power conversion products, and owner of 50+ patents, Gemini has acquired an expertise that is now available to you.

If you have a design project that requires external expertise in any of the following areas, contact us:

  • Analog, digital and power conversion, using discrete semiconductors, integrated circuits, microprocessors, SCRs, IGBTs, power MOSFETs and passive components

  • Design of magnetic pulse transformers, high frequency power magnetics, chokes, AC and DC current transformers, and magnetic amplifiers

  • Layout of high power circuit boards with attention to "ground loops" and stray voltage drops due to the high currents. Proper clearances to meet UL and CSA requirements are part of the normal layout.

  • Computer aided analysis and synthesis of both analog and digital circuits is done to insure a wide operating range with good performance

  • Thermal design of packaging to accommodate the heat dissipated by power devices in a minimum of space and forced air requirements.

Additionally, Gemini will manufacture the product to your requirements.


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